Do I have to pay an extra fee for payment at the door?

Service fee of cash payment at the door is only 5 TL. In addition to the shipping fee to our orders, payment at the door will be reflected in the service price.

How can I make a payment order at the door?

Scroll through the cart and address to the payment screen. You can complete your order by choosing "Payment at the door" or "Payment with credit card at door" in the payment options at the door by clicking "Payment at door" on the payment screen.

Can I make an order payment at the door without membership?

Only members can order with method of payment at the door. For guest purchases, you can find out more about your order by clicking on the 'Without Membership Order Track' at the bottom of the page and entering your order number or e-mail address.

Is there a lower limit or upper limit to take advantage of the payment at the door option?

There are no lower or upper limit to benefit of the payment at the door option.

Can I pay with credit card at the door?

You can make an order by choosing "Payment at the door with credit card"

How can I return the order that I made with payment at the door?

You have to send your order details first to [email protected] You will then return to the relevant billing address as ARAS KARGO - ASİL Kargo TUDORS.
Please do not forget to include your IBAN number or account number in detail to refund to your bank account. The bank account information and the information of the person who made the order must match; otherwise payment can not be made.

Will additional fee of the service 'payment at the door' be refunded

Yes, service fee of 'the payment at the door' 5 TL will be refunded.