1.   EXTENT

    İşbu Trading Guide has been prepared in accordance with the "Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce" dated 26.08.2015.

    Buyer:   The person who purchases goods or services by using the Web Site

    Bakanlık:   Ministry: Ministry of Customs and Trade

    Call Center:   The center where the website users are able to access by telephone and are indicated solving possible problems.

    User:   Anyone who visits or uses the seller-operated website

    Terms of Use    Terms and conditions in the Website that users agree to abide by during their use of the Website

    Mobile Application:   Application version specially prepared for mobile devices

    Seller:  Ayaydın Tekstil İnşaat Turizm Tic. Ve San. Ttd. Şti

    Web Sitesi:

    The steps and actions that will take place during shopping on our web site are shown with the images below.
Making order
3.1, choose the color, size and piece for the desired product / products and add them to your basket..


3.2. You can log in to your account or continue as a guest.



3.3 You can fill in your desired delivery information and use it in the related fields if there is a sale / coupon Code available.



3.4 Once you select the payment method, you can complete the order by approving the Distance Sales Contract and the Pre-Information Form.



3.5 The "Order Summary Screen" will be available after your order is completed.



The pre-information form accepted by the purchaser and approved by the buyer and the distant sale contract shall be deemed to be delivered to the buyer in accordance with the relevant legislation, (3) years from the date of the transaction and is kept open for access at any time by the buyer. The order summary is displayed on the web site in electronic form in order to correct possible data entry errors before the ordering is terminated by the buyer. The necessary technical facilities for correction are provided. If there is a possible disagreement between the seller and the Buyer, first contact the seller at the Call Center and solving the problem quickly and effectively. Is recommended. Making negotiations between the buyer and the seller to find possible solutions to the problems with Call Center. It does not constitute an obstacle to the application of legislation.